Thursday, April 24, 2014

Germany 's religious and folk festivals

German folk and religious festivals are about more than a thousand, to celebrate the range of small villages, ranging from the country, ranging from one or two days to more than two weeks. Daily average of three festivals. For decades, people in order to make money exhausted, gradually forgotten many folk festivals. 80 years later, people gradually tired of rampant materialism, the memory of humanity's innocence, restored many local culture and customs of the festival.

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day

New Year customs : Wearing new clothes in New Year', everything would be wishful. Wearing wear mess target dresses in New Year, unlucky year.

Mascot : 1.a lucky pig. Pig symbolizes the sacred, auspicious, pigs also Germanic cemetery most precious sacrifice. In a German idiom, who has good luck also called who is a pig: Du hast Schwein Der hat Schwein bekommen.

Empire Waist Long Holiday Dresses

2. auspicious scales and roe, which means that wealth. In New Year's Eve dinner, the girls would put a few in their wallet.

3. horseshoes. Ancient people for metals including iron and secure a durable sense of trust, which means the town of evil magic. According to legend, in ancient mythology, a god called Wodan, his hooves horse harness eight clouds, once accidentally lost one hoof off the earth, who picked it, who lives luck.
Carnival (Karneval, Fasching)

The New Testament records that Jesus began to preach before, in the wilderness praying and fasting 40 days and nights, in order to commemorate this holy activity, the Church provides for an annual period of fasting during this period is the period of Lent meat ban people for flowers, marriage, and entertainment. In the three days before the start of Ramadan, people held a variety of recreational activities, enjoy singing and dancing, happily drinking, eating and drinking nothing to fear. So called Carnival.

Over the carnival area is mainly in central, southern, and predominantly Catholic areas of Germany. Northern generally do not have this custom.

Carnival Tuesday, the day held a big procession around the makeup. Many people dress parade absurd weird, is not that crazy clown, everyone dressed in colorful Cheap holiday dresses. There are large political satire floats, Prince cars, girls cars, farmer car, etc. parade from 10:00 until the afternoon, then turned to the restaurant and a large playground.

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