Monday, April 28, 2014

Clothing color and personality

According to the survey that women clothing color preference closely related with their personality

Preference for black clothing woman in life tend to exhibit unusually strong independence, their wealth to the assertive, good restraint, a strong sense of self-protection, but the expression is often cold, often lurks deep inside a very strong sense of loneliness.

Women tend to like the white clothing of all kinds have been feeling tired of the colors, is in the new self-exploration or are adapting to the new environment, understanding the kind of female character is the most obvious feature.
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Have a preference for Brown dresses for women hate flashy, gaudy, these women redneck, do not want to reveal their true feelings to others.

Most women like the red dress has a positive outlook on life and open-minded philosophy, they are outgoing, lively, frank and sincere.

Like yellow clothing is often synonymous with" good karma". These women like to make friends, articulate inner emotions, most likely to engender a sense of trust and intimacy.

Women dressed in blue jcrew dress is a symbol of "talented". Their mind is full of wisdom, with a strong decision-making ability, good logical reasoning, strong sense of responsibility, but sometimes too self-conscious but leaving others far from herself. Although these women are smart, friend is far much less than the women wearing yellow clothes.

Women like pink clothing delicate life skills, compassionate, caring meticulous, gentle personality. But it is easy to outperform their character weaknesses.
Women love purple clothing for themselves and others are very strict requirements, she seeing keen intuition, accurate and also quite organizational capacity

They prefer gray clothing that mean they often very passive attitude towards life, culture and cheerful personality to overcome this "character weakness" in the recipe.

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