Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Which kinds of lamps could be used for dinning room and bedroom?

Nowadays the lighting market would be various, there are many different kinds of lamps in the market, when we decorate the room, then how to decorate the different kinds of room, that is the important problem, next we will have a brief description of the room for customers.

large pendant lights
Focus on the dinning room, we always use the cheap pendant lights, in order to make the effect, the pendant lights could not be too long, which is in the same light of people. If it is rectangular table, then we could install multi light pendant, which could be circular pendant light and rectangular pendant light, the lunch could be very nice, that needs bright warm color, when we enjoy the dinner, the light could be somewhat soft, that could help us make romance.
Bedroom lights
The bedroom is the place where have the rest, which is equipped with good secret. The light would be soft and smooth, creates the comfortable environment, which makes us fall asleep, we could choose the ceiling lights to be used as the experiment of the bedroom, when we install the ceiling lights on the top. We could install the wall sconces, table lamps and pendant light beside the bed.