Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Four attentions for workplace women

TOP is the abbreviation for the three English words, which represent the time, occasions and place, that mean dress should make balance among the current time, occasion and place. In important meetings, talks, solemn ceremony, formal dinner and other occasions, ladies should wear Girls special occasion dresses

Black Homecoming Dresses

( 1 ) Upper outer garment: Upper outer garment attention to smooth crisp, less use of ornaments and lace embellishment, buttons should all be tied.

( 2 )Dress : the mini skirt mainly. Young women skirt hem to 3 - 6 cm above the knee, but not too short ; middle-aged woman 's skirt should be about 3 cm below the knee. There should be wearing a skirt petticoat. Leather or imitation leather skirt suit should not wear on formal occasions.

( 3 ) Shirt: monochrome is the best choice. Dress shirts should note the following: shirt should tuck into the hem of the skirt waist rather than hanging on the outside, and do not tie a knot at the waist; shirt buttons except the top grain can not the Department, the Department of the other buttons should be good ; do not take off the jacket and direct shirt wearing skirt suit. The shirt should wear underwear inside but not revealed.

( 4 )Shoes and shocks : shoes should be long heels or middle heel. Knee socks or stockings should be pantyhose. Mainly shoes and shocks styles should be simple, the color should be matched with a skirt suit.

Do not dress too revealing and transparent, size is not too short and tight, otherwise it is not prudent to give people the feeling.

Clean and smooth high-end luxury clothing does not have to, but it should be kept clean, and a pressed, you can wear decent, look refreshed. Clean and not entirely for themselves, but also respect the needs of others, it is good manners priority.

Cleverly decorated ornaments to wear jewelry can play a finishing touch, add color to the ladies. But not too much jewelry worn, otherwise distract each other's attention. When wearing jewelry, you should try to choose the same color. Wearing jewelry is the most critical to your overall macys dresses with unified.

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