Monday, October 12, 2015

Beautiful lamps are made up of household waste

beautiful lamps
There are too much lamps, but there are many waste ripe, broken ball pen, cardboard box, broken stirrer and so on, through handmade craftsman, that could become the pretty lamps. Creative people would invent various pretty lamps with many household waste, that would be more beautiful than the stores, next we will introduce you several lamps.
First would be wrapped by fluorescent tube, that could become the special lamps, then we could place several incandescent bulbs, that looks beautiful and stylish, that is perfect mind.
Second, cardboard box would be cut into beautiful floral style, then we could install LED bulbs, otherwise that is easy to burned, that would add the romantic atmosphere.
The above could be several creative beautiful lamps, if you like, do not miss it!

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