Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to choose vintage curtains

Vintage curtains have been popular among the world in recent years, it's always the style which people pursuit.Vintage curtains can keep you warm from the cold winter. For it's always be made of good fabric. During the long winter, vintage curtains bring a thick nostalgic feelings. But if you don't choose the appropriate one, it can be very old-fashioned. So, actually how to choose an appropriate curtain for your room. Followings are some suggestions on this questions.

Chinese style is the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture. Silk is used to make curtains before. Though the fabric of silk is really good, the price of silk is so expensive. So, people may lose their interest in those curtains made of silk. In recent years, artificial silk is really popular, for it feels like real and comfortable. The most important thing is that they wash easily without much difficulty. So, people are pretending to buy artificial curtains instead of real ones. The artificial ones will also be decorated with some little decorations. Some might be made of silk texture and drape, which can rise more convenient also. Since the advent of the curtain of the material, so we want to buy, coupled with the use of gold and silver silk, curtains can be more fashionable and noble.
Purple patterned curtains
Picture: Vintage Style Curtains

The vintage curtains also employed the environmental topic, which can help people take more care about the environment and already thorough popular feeling, add the return to natural forest wind popular element. Department of forestry, embroidery curtains on color is mainly use the earth color give priority to color. The embroidery, twigs, bark, branches, leaves and other elements are added to the design, which can make the modern fashion elements and natural artistically subtle together, make every household decorated as clever and organic. In a quiet and harmonious atmosphere to feel the nature brought charm into fashion. In order to let whole bedroom warm and full of vitality, they are in the choice of pattern, free spirit, such as palm red or deep red color, is to bring the whole idea of domestic outfit look simpler and more elegant.

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