Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Long and short strapless cocktail dresses have their own characteristics

There is also a very common cocktail dress, that is for wearing to attend a more formal cocktail party between friends or a party. These dresses do not have any specific or more requirements. That is strapless cocktail dress.

Long strapless cocktail dress

This strapless mini dress is a long section of the dress exists, since it is strapless, then it is very formal. Strapless cocktail dresses is the same as formal evening dresses, strapless is a little expose, and these can still show women's sexy side and can show attraction of women. And for girls, more attractive to wear strapless dress. There is relatively cold weather, with a shawl, it is also a very good dress, can make warm and do not loss noble temperament. Usually a red dress with a black shawl, or a black dress with a gray shawl, they are good choice.

Modern Beautiful Strapless Bowtie Short Length Backless Cocktail Dress

Short strapless cocktail dress

This dress is short strapless cocktail dress, relatively speaking, this is a relatively informal. But short strapless dress is very sexy. The clothing is required to be able to build a particularly good control of women. Only women will be able to build a good full activation of this dress, fully show women sexy, feminine side. The production and design of the dress is more in line with our Western woman's body. It can show the sexy attractive of Western women. It lies in the design of these dresses are more hip tightened, more women in the West will have S-shaped body and body beauty.


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